Temporary budget proposed to Streetsboro City Council

by Mike Lesko | reporter Published:

Streetsboro -- A temporary budget, crafted by Mayor Glenn Broska and Finance Director Jenny Esarey, was presented to City Council for discussion at a special finance committee meeting Dec. 9.

Council ended up voting to continue the temporary budget discussion at Council's Dec. 23 finance committee meeting.

Esarey said the temporary budget would need to be passed Dec. 23 to comply with a Dec. 31 requirement for passage.

"The temporary budget will allow the city to operate for the first quarter of 2014," she said. "It does not automatically get passed as the annual budget. The 2014 annual budget will be based heavily on the presented 2014 temporary budget, but actual 2013 numbers will be updated to provide more accurate cash flow details, and will also give Council time to meet and discuss any items further."

The temporary budget was presented with flat revenue estimates for the general fund except for a .5 percent increase in municipal income tax revenues, equivalent to $86,750, Esarey said.

Esarey said the increase was included because municipal income tax revenues increased when comparing 2013 estimated municipal tax revenue, about $8.384 million, to 2012 receipts, about $8.384 million.

She said the temporary budget was presented with expenditures lower than 2013 expenditures in part because there were no raises for non-bargaining unit employees along with some health care modifications.

The temporary budget includes the 1 percent wage increases and associated Medicare and pension expenses, according to the collective bargaining agreements, she said.

"We wanted to keep the level of service that all our departments are able to provide for our residents," Esarey said.

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