With fire marshal, chief will get extra administrative help in department

by Lauren Sega | Reporter Published:

The Streetsboro Fire Department will add a fire marshal administrative position at the beginning of the new year, although the new job will not add to the number of department employees, according to Streetsboro Fire Chief Robert Reinholz.

A fire marshal promotional examination will decide which of the three candidates, Lt. Brian Novotny, Lt. Don Bobek and Lt. Kevin Grimm, will leave their union position and become a second administrator.

"From my understanding, that would be a position that is in charge of the Fire Prevention Bureau," said Grimm. "It would be a second administrative position."

A civil service test is scheduled to be administered Jan. 22, said Reinholz. After that, the Civil Service Commission will have to meet to accept the results, and the administration will interview the three candidates.

Reinholz said he believes the fire marshal may be able to officially begin his new duties in March.

The fire marshal will be a non-union job with responsibilities for the entire department in his absence.

"When I'm not there, there wouldn't be a conflict of interest if an issue comes up," he said.

Grimm explained that "one union person cannot discipline another," and if Reinholz is not at work that can be a problem as things stand because he is the only non-union member in the department.

Reinholz said the fire marshal would oversee the fire prevention bureau and help him with administrative duties and long-range planning, including area meetings of emergency planning organizations.

"I definitely need some help with the operations, disaster planning and making sure our standard operating guidelines are up to date," said Reinholz. "It just takes time without interruptions. There are so many things that come up every day."

Reinholz said the department will have four 40-hour salaried positions, the chief, the fire marshal and two fire prevention officers, after the new position is filled. Currently, there are four lieutenants and two fire prevention officers (and Grimm is both a lieutenant and fire prevention officer).

Pay and start date have yet to be decided; Grimm said those terms would be discussed during the interview process, which will take place after the test in January.

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