City sets course for future road work

Council seeks money for 10 projects

by Mike Lesko | reporter Published:

Streetsboro -- City Council submitted 10 infrastructure projects for consideration by the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study. The most important one to Streetsboro leaders is the Route 303 culvert project, which would help prevent flooding.

The 10 applications were approved Dec. 9 by City Council. Bruce Terrell, the city's engineering director, confirmed that the Route 303 culvert project is the city's top priority.

The legislation must be turned in to AMATS officials by Dec. 20, according to Terrell, who said it is for funding year 2018-19.

"We're looking for 80 percent funding [with the city paying the remaining 20 percent]," Terrell said. "We won't know until January or February how we rank."

Terrell said without the applications being submitted, AMATS won't even consider the projects.

The 10 proposed AMATS projects for Streetsboro are Route 303 culvert, Route 14 road work, Diagonal Road resurfacing, Frost Road widening, Seasons Road resurfacing, Citywide traffic signal upgrade, Frost Road sidewalks, Page Road sidewalks, Route 14 sidewalks and Route 43 sidewalks.

For the Route 303 culvert project, the application is a formality, of sorts.

Steve Pasternack of S&ME Engineering, headquartered in Dublin, previously said the estimated project cost of the Route 303 culvert project is about $3.5 million, of which Streetsboro would have to pay about $2.5 million.

Thomas Powell, an Ohio Department of Transportation official, previously said AMATS is expected to fund 80 percent of the $2.5 million, which adds up to $2 million. So the city's share after that would be about $500,000.

To pay that, Pasternack said the state infrastructure bank offers low-interest, long-term loans to municipalities. Pasternack said the money paid by the city would go for the construction cost of the roadway, the environmental wetlands mitigation, the right-of-way purchases and any utility relocations.

The project, in fact, is already under way. Pasternack said the state has already spent $50,000 on preliminary engineering.

Council President Julie Field said she believes the flooding dilemma needs to be taken care of.

"I understand the flooding on Route 303 has been a problem for years," Field said. "It can be a hazard in an emergency situation. I know so many people who travel on Route 303 to get to their jobs and their homes. This is a huge detail to the residents of Ward 4. It's ridiculous that the road is not passable when it rains hard."

Mayor Glenn Broska said the application for the Route 14 road work "does not include anything for the schools."

"The schools would be totally responsible for anything they do," Broska said. "We would be remiss if we didn't put the application in. It's not saying we are or are not going to get the money."

Terrell said AMATS applications are submitted every two years.

"This is the second step of the process," Terrell said. "We're just asking AMATS to consider it. We're not throwing any money [at the Route 14 project] right now. We're just asking AMATS to consider the project."


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