Streetsboro City Council OKs temporary budget for 2014

by Bob Gaetjens | editor Published:

City Council approved a temporary budget for 2014, which includes lower general fund expenditures than the city had during 2013, according to Mayor Glenn Broska.

The panel voted 7-0 Dec. 23 to pass the $22 million temporary spending plan, which must be replaced with a permanent budget by March 31, Broska said. 

"The biggest thing is that we have only estimated a 1 percent increase in income tax revenue [for 2014]," he said, which amounts to about $88,000. 

Planned general fund expenditures for 2014 are down from 2013, said Broska. The general fund budget for 2013 is $12.39 million ($11.3 million has been spend, to date, but the books for the year aren't closed). The temporary general fund budget for 2014 is $11.1 million.

 "We took a hard-line stance," he said. "We know that had to watch expenses."

City Council President Julie Field said she looks forward to delving deeper into the budget in the new year.

"My main goal is to have balanced budget," she said. "This is kind of a preliminary budget."

New Council members Steve Michniak and Jeff Allen said they are satisfied with the temporary budget but look forward to looking at planned expenditures more closely in the new year.

"I was fine with what the mayor had proposed for the city," said Michniak. "I do want to reserve my final judgment for after the works sessions when we really break it down." 

Capital expenditures include about $1.43 million in road work, which Broska said includes paving Seasons Road and five other streets which haven't yet been identified.

Seasons Road would cost about $950,000, but Broska said the city will receive $400,000 in Issue 1 grants.

Also planned this year is the construction of the $3.6 million water tower and installation of water lines in Sunny Slopes and Ward 1, said Broska.

"There's an enormous amount of water line projects that need to be done," he said. "There's only a few areas that don't have city water, and we would like to give those people the opportunity to have city water."

Looping existing water lines would help improve water quality for residents near the end of stub water lines, he added. 

Other capital purchases include $214,000 for purchase of trucks and equipment for the service department.

The parks and recreation department has a capital budget $102,000 for 2014, $100,000 of which is for a parking lot for Thomas Heritage Park on Route 303.

Broska said he and Council decided against buying a new command car for the fire department in 2014.

Police Chief Roy Mosley III requested three regular squad cars and K-9 vehicle, but Broska said he and Council decided to buy the police department two new squad cars and a K-9 vehicle.

Each year the police department usually buys three vehicles as part of a regular rotation program, and Broska said replacing two squad cars and the K-9 car keeps the department on that rotation.


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