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Traffic signal, turn lane planned on Route 14 at Streetsboro High School site

by Mike Lesko | Reporter Published: August 13, 2014 12:00 AM

Streetsboro -- A traffic signal and a turn lane are planned on Route 14 in front of the new Streetsboro High School, school officials said.

"For the widening of the lane and the traffic light, everybody was very positive that it would be a good impact," said Melanie Friedman, a principal at FMD Architects, at a community meeting on school facilities at Henry Defer Intermediate School Aug. 4.

She said the Route 14 traffic study has been completed.

"It had three different options for how we could add another turn lane to Route 14," she said. "Of those options, we're looking at the one that shows utilizing only the school property. We would not imagine trying to take property across the street."

Route 14 traffic will only be interrupted if someone needs to exit the high school site, she added. A sensor will be installed on the school drive that will trip the traffic light.

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"Other than that, it will constantly stay green for the folks on Route 14," she said.

Friedman said "the actual count of the vehicles, with the school being here, did not really seem to be [a significant increase]. Because we're at the edge of Ravenna, there is not a lot of traffic going the other way. So it was not a huge impact to the Route 14 traffic that exists. About 165 cars will enter the school site in the morning and 130 exit at peak time in the afternoon, compared to the 1,500 plus amount of cars currently traveling on the road during those times. Impact at existing intersections is expected to be around 1 second of increased wait time."

Friedman said the portion of Route 14 near the high school site would likely be widened in the future with or without the high school.

"They may end up widening that road [besides in the area near the high school] in the future, so this part would already be done," she said.

Michael DiMaio, principal at FMD Architects, said it hasn't been determined yet whether there will be crosswalks included at the traffic light.

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"I don't know why we wouldn't [install crosswalks]," DeMaio said. "It would certainly seem reasonable that at a traffic light, you would have crosswalks. All that will be part of the final study that's done."

DiMaio was asked by a community member how school officials planned to keep people away from the adjacent asphalt plant and if they planned to use fences.

"We have not gone that far in our planning to discuss that," DiMaio said. "I don't know that we wouldn't fence certain portions, but we haven't gone that far in our design work."

DiMaio also was asked about the air quality next to the asphalt plant and if his firm planned to do a study.

"If we need to do [an air quality study], we're prepared to do that," DiMaio said.

DiMaio, talking about the wetlands and a glacier mound that exist on the new high school site, said, "We had the site fully [outlined], and put that to the civil engineers. Also, we've gone to the Ohio EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers and asked for their view. This is something we've seldom had to do."

DiMaio said FMD Architects has not yet gotten a response from the Ohio EPA or the Army Corps of Engineers.

"[Wetlands or a glacier mound] isn't something that would stop us from going forward," he said. "It may cause us to make some adjustments in perhaps the orientation."

Friedman said there is "a small patch of wetlands back in a wooded area" at the high school site, but it would not present any significant problems.

DiMaio, describing the front of the new high school, said, "If we need to adjust [the location] a little bit, we're prepared to do that. But we don't think we will have any of those kind of difficulties."

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doc54 Sep 2, 2014 11:46 AM

You said "The area where he did plant, it didn't flood, it is the surrounding area outside where he planted that it currently floods."

So what you are saying is that your rant about bowl shaped features has nothing to do with the construction because all of the construction will be taking place on the areas that were previously planted.

Again what does the area of 303 have to do with anything. Not in the area not the same engineers. If that property on 14 was a flood issue imagine the problems Sahbra farms would have they are after all at the bottom of the hill.

You can't prove anything to anyone who will not objectively look at the truth, so I guess I will never provide conclusive answers for you.


whizzard Sep 1, 2014 8:29 AM

Doc54, You still haven't provided your conclusive answers to my previous posts.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Sep 1, 2014 8:28 AM

Oh by the way it is not 1500 cars but actually 15000 cars.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Sep 1, 2014 8:15 AM


Oh, you're lookin g for a natural bowl.  It's a different kind of bowl that I was refering to.  The area where he did plant, it didn't flood, it is the surrounding area outside where he planted that it currently floods.  It is quite apparent you can't read the Geological map as good as you thought.  When you start putting in all that concrete, and disturbing the natural drainage that is there now, there she goes.

I guess all the work by the enigineers they have been doing to alleviate the flooding on 303 is a great sign that we will have success.

You're a very funny man Doc54 with your convoluted optimism.

Martin  Fleming

doc54 Aug 24, 2014 4:48 PM

That's funny, the USGS topographical maps do not show any bowl shaped features, (maybe you should look them up) and it was a farmer's field for MANY years. Having grown up on a farm I can tell you first hand you do not plant in an area that floods regularly.

Actually I am sure you have no idea what you are talking about.

whizzard Aug 23, 2014 8:27 PM


Or it could be that you don't know the property and the people who live around it as well as I do.

Do you know there are some bowl shape features that exist on that property?

I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Martin Fleming

doc54 Aug 18, 2014 11:31 PM

What does the section of 303 that floods have to do with the school. We are talking about a 60 acre soybean field not a large bowl shaped geographical feature like that area of 303 that floods. I'll stop trying to reason with you it seems when you can't provide a coherent argument you prefer to try to pull in unrelated facts for unrelated issues/problems that have nothing to do with the schools. So Mr. Fleming go ahead and rant, perhaps the sky is falling after all.

whizzard Aug 18, 2014 9:21 PM


Do you really think they can control storm water management and runnoff?  I have lived in Streeetsboro 60 years and to this day Rt 303 still floods towards Hudson.

And it wasn't so much runnoff that I was concerned with, it was more of waste from the school. 

And to control runnoff, they are putting a lot of concrete out there and there is going to be a lot more runnoff going into drains that may or may not be able to handle it.  Where they going to dump it in the sand pit?

Everything about this project is wrong.  Even Babb saying we have purchased land available.  Well hate to break the news to you but the school district never purchased this land.  They traded with Neff.  But you have conviently forgotten that just like Baba.

And no, you didn't answer anything.

Yes Really.  Poor planning was in place for all the construction they did on 14 and 303.  That construction is a major contributor to the flooding on 303. so yes Really, I don't trust anything they are doing in this construction because of the past major mistakes that have been made in this community. 

And sure, I'll dispute your fact.  I have been through the area between 7:00 and 8:00 PM many mornings and have seen very long lines coming from Ravenna.  And if they decide to cut busing, all the children will have to cross the street walking to school which in turn will delay traffic even further.  Even if they don't cut busing, many students may decide to walk to school.  Then what?  And for them to be that close, I'm not sure why we would be busing kids that close to the school.  It is almost like driving the my car to my mail box fifty feet away.

Martin Fleming


doc54 Aug 18, 2014 10:04 AM

Sure, I will work from the bottom up.

"Wetlands and glacier mounds" the only significant wetlands area is in the wooded area and will have no impact on the construction site. There is one very small waterway which is actually more of a drainage ditch that will have to be worked around. The glacier mound that was brought up at the City Council meeting is also in the wooded area and will not affect the construcction site.

"Water and sewers" Really? Any construction project looks at these kind of resources and makes plans to make sure they are adequate. I will add to this list storm water management, all of these were discussed and will be planned for, in particular it was stated at the meeting that all storm water runoff would be fully contained.

The traffic studies are to be released publicly once the reports are finalized and as these are public documents I am sure the same will be done with the soil tests and any other environmental studies that are completed.

And finally if you want to see/hear the meetings they are now available on the School District web site.

whizzard Aug 18, 2014 8:06 AM

doc54, whether you realize it or not, there will be problems.

However, how about providing me with the answers to the previous posts I made concerning several issues.

I'm just going to say I told you so about the traffic problem and really point some fingers when it does cause a problem.

Maybe some new glasses would help you see things better.

But if anything, give me the answers to the questions in the previous post.

Bet you can't!

Martin Fleming

doc54 Aug 18, 2014 6:21 AM

Whizzard, here is a challenge for you. Instead of engaging in wild conjecture why not try to dispute my facts about when a traffice disruption would actually occur.

The School District web page states high school classes start at 7:25 and end at 2:25 so allowing for 20-30 minutes before classes start and 10 minutes after, any disruption in the morning should be between 6:55 and 7:35 .I drive through there every day at that time and traffic is rarely an issue.

In the evening classes end at 2:25, allowing for 20 minutes before dismissal and 30 minutes after for traffic to clear and the school zone light to be turned off, any possible disruptions would be between 2:05 and 2:55 this could hardly be considered rush hour. The only traffic problems I see on a regular basis are on the east side off town between Walmart and Route 43, once you cross 43 it is pretty much clear sailing other than the people who can't figure out that the right lane by Kmart is right turn only.

whizzard Aug 17, 2014 2:56 PM

cajash indicated what his plan of action is going to be.  Within a year, just about everyone will be doing the same thing cajash will be doing.  Going up 44 to the Turnpike and using it to get where they need to go.  Which means about 80% of the traffic will be going in that new direction.  Two years after that, you will begin to see businesses start to fold along Rt 14.  You are providing a reason for would be consumers to skirt the problem which in turn is truly going to hurt the businesses and Honey Baked Ham will lose more clientele.

Doc54 (aka bwood54) is highly optomistic.  Unrealistic but highly optomistic. 

By the way Doc54, your concept of time, the economy and belief is this school board is way more than a little skewed.

Martin Fleming

doc54 Aug 17, 2014 11:49 AM

OK my concept of time may be a little skewed but according to the School District web page high school classes start at 7:25 and end at 2:25 so allowing for 20-30 minutes before classes start and 10 minutes after any disruption in the mornin g should be between 6:55 and 7:35 .I drive through there everyday at that time and traffic is rarely an issue.

The same way in the evening classes end at 2:25 allowing for 20 minutes before dismissal and 30 minutes afterfor trafiic to clear and the school zone llight to be turned off any possible disruptions would be between 2:05 and 2:55 this could hardly be considered rush hour. The only traffic problems I see on a regular basis are on the east side off town between Walmart and Route 43, once you cross 43 it is pretty much clear sailing other than the people whocan't figure out that the right lane by Kmart is girht turn only.



cajash Aug 14, 2014 2:33 PM

As a person who travels from Ravenna through the length of Streetsboro daily, I absolutely disagree with how they believe traffic will work with the addition of a new light.  Have any of these people actually driven across the city of Streetsboro from Diagonal to I-480 / I-480 to Diagonal during the morning/afternoon rush?  It is a disaster that starts at Diagonal in the morning, which has been screwed up since they widened the road there.  Evening rush is a bigger disaster that starts as soon as you hit the first of I believe nine lights at Wal-Mart.  Traffic management in this city is a total failure, and I expect nothing less from the future addition of another traffic light.  Also, I don't think I heard mention of a school zone.  So not only will the traffic flow be disrupted, it will also get further backed up by cutting the speed limit in half.  

Note for any Ravenna residents that have to travel the lenght of Streetsboro daily:  For .50 cents you can take the turnpike to Mantua, then travel 44 to Ravenna.  It takes you a little out of your way, but I tend to get home faster. 

whizzard Aug 13, 2014 2:45 PM

I'm sorry folks but the community meetings and how they are reported being conducted just doesn't get it for me.  Still too many unanswered questions and too many questions cropping up from the ones they have answered.  Too controlled and scipted to be one sided.  No time for emotional statements that may not be able to be transferred to a 3x5 card.   Has the flavor of being a little asinie or arrogant on the part of those conducting the meeting. 

The paper can only report so much for it can be a little difficult to follow.  Might I suggest a recorder then play back later and write.  Just a thought.  It's just sometimes observation makes the words you are hearing take on a different hue.

Meetings of this sort really do a mediator that is not being influenced by any of the party's in attendance.  The mediator could pick and choose someone from the audiance to ask maybe two or three questions and not necessarily all in a row.  But that would be civilized and not scripted so the possibility of such a meeting can never take place.

The mistakes that are being made and the mistakes that will be made are going to be very costly to this community.  Has anyone conferred with the insurance to get their take on the area and what their proposed insurance cost will be to us?

Just another thought.

Martin Fleming


whizzard Aug 13, 2014 2:33 PM

What about water?  Is the current infrastructure of the water system sufficient to supply a community and a school building?  I haven't heard any mention of this.  Are their lines in place or will new have to be constructed to accommodate the area?

How about sewers? 

Where these plants designed to take on this type of new construction?

Just wondering.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Aug 13, 2014 2:30 PM

On another note, economy is not really doing that great right now.  Unemployment is down but so are the incomes of those who had to take lower paying wages and higher participation in health benefits.  Cost of goods are going up just as fuel prices have.  Unless there is some enlightenment I don't know about, wages aren't going to increase too much which in turn will make it more difficult to renew a levy.  Two of them.  The cost savings the community could experience may be the jolt it needs to reawaken and begin to become productive again.

See quite a few empty buildings and malls with tennants missing that could be giving our community a boost.

What is these two levies don't pass the renewal request?  Do we cut busing.  Do all those students who would be within two miles of the high school have to walk when busing is used as a leverage?  And if a student is hurt will they then blame their cutting of busing on the homeowners because of some failed logistics?  Again, look to how long that light will be staying green for north bound traffic. 

Do we know who performed this traffic study?  Shouldn't they have been mentioned so the common citizen could review the results themselves or do they have a web site setup for us to look at?

That would be a good idea.  Setup a websit that all can review so their are no secrets or suprises.  They said we have gone too far to turn back now so provide us the proof that can be reviewed on a website.  Could have put something like that in this article.  That would be transparency.  So far the transparency was being able to see them at the tables they sitting at from where the citizens are sitting.  Is it they didn't mention it or the reporter didn't catch it.  Was this meeting recoreded and is it published for public review.

This was a meeting to inform the community and get input.  Well, here's some input folks.  Setup an exclusive website that is easy to get to and navigate showing us EPA reports, land studies, soil studies and any other study that has been done and by who and links to those who did it to confirm the same findings.  Provide us estimated costs and maybe a design layout we can all review at our leisure.  Is this too much to ask.  At the same time provide links to all those who are involved with this project.  It could put some people's mind at rest. 

But the fact remains this is quite a bit of money for a community of 15,000 of which barely half are property owners and it is a 35 year commitment no matter how much you twist or turn it.  It is a huge investment for an unsure future of this community.  Times are hard for many and the future doesn't look that bright.  There's more to communication that what you guys are doing now. 

These solutions just don't seem to be settling my uneasy feelings about this whole thing.  It's like gettting premonitions of things yet to come that is being overlooked or neglected and the answers to some of these, well I don't know, something is wrong.

Think about it.  Maybe we sure be more intent on making sure all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted where need be.  There's no going back when all said and done.  There's something or too much of something missing here that just doesn't seem to be working.

There's just something missing.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Aug 13, 2014 12:57 PM


Route 14 traffic will only be interrupted if someone needs to exit the high school site, she added. A sensor will be installed on the school drive that will trip the traffic light.

"Other than that, it will constantly stay green for the folks on Route 14," she said.

What about the students who decide to walk to school and have to cross the road.

Are we looking at an overhead bridge, a tunnel or maybe a canon to get them across the road?

If you put in crosswalks, then the students will have to push the button to cross, in turn interupting the "constantly green" traffic light.  A new era of double-speak.  And notice the crosswalks came up after the discussion on the number of cars that would have to enter and leave.

Wouldn't it have been better to say the only time the northbound traffic would have to stop is when students had to cross. otherwise the light will remain green for northbound traffic.

It seems the agenda jumps around either to redirect or the meeting was well thought out to confront the questions at the right times.

The way DiMaio puts it, it appears there is an assumption of what is going to be rather than they know for certain.

I thought we were going to have all the t's crossed and the i's dotted?

You know, I took serveral courses in Geology in college and learned quite a lot about wetlands and glacier mounds.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Aug 13, 2014 9:12 AM

I'd rather err on the side of caution than commit one that may make many suffer.

Martin Fleming

whizzard Aug 13, 2014 8:58 AM

Previously DiMao said we have gone to far to change location now.  However, what if the EPA study shows it would be undesirable to place a school there, what then?

Wetlands and Glacier mounds.  Glacier mounts are particulates of many different materials of an unstable density.  How many of these mounds are below the surface and how spaced apart and could it be possible that this whole hillside could slide down into the pit created by the Asphalt Plant.

I'm just saying.

You have a company hungry for the money from this job and you have a board that doesn't really see the bigger picture.  Even though they appear to be gathering up all the loose ends, there are holes that just cannot be repaired and they are eventually going to work out a way to gloss over them.  Common sense in this venture is just extremely elusive and it doesn't appear there is even going to be a slim chance that it may surface.

Martin Fleming