Park District director thanks donors, staff, volunteers for hard work


It's hard to take a thoughtful walk in the park and not recall the many

blessings we have, and I'm especially reminded of all of the wonderful people I'm lucky to know and work with through Portage Parks: volunteers and donors of all kinds, happy people using the parks and sharing their experiences, and a great team of partners in businesses, non-profits and government agencies all working together to improve the common good.

While our staff has shrunk over the past few years, our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator Mick Owen remains, creatively and resourcefully using his lifetime of work skills with a tiny budget to keep up with 14 miles of hike and bike trails and four open parks. Thankfully this year, he's been aided by seasonal worker Lee Schaeffer. Owen's wife Alice contributes, too, with the occasional pie or cinnamon rolls she bakes as a thank you for some of the many favors he manages to call in here and there to get the job done.

Thanks to you all, for caring about our natural heritage and helping to keep Portage Parks moving into the future. Best wishes for enjoying this beautiful season!

Christine Craycroft,

Portage Parks District Executive Director

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