Hike in water rates would be yet another burden on Streetsboro seniors


City of Streetsboro water customers face an increase or 15 percent

in their water rates over the next three years. Residents are also paying more in sewer rates; property taxes will increase to pay for a new high school and update of facilities; plus, two school operating levies expire in 2014 and will most likely come up for a vote in 2015.

I wonder what's next?

I have a suggestion: How about a little empathy for the senior citizens struggling to get by? Put a freeze on the water rate increase for them.

I applaud the fact that Council member Tim Claypoole had the courage to oppose it and will have the same courage when it comes to a vote. I hope Council members will consider excluding seniors from any more increases and remember the fact that their jobs are elected positions, and people do remember how they vote on issues.

Mary Alice Trimmer, Streetsboro

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  • Mr. Fleming,

    Why not stick to the subject of this letter instead of continuing to to be bitter because someone disagrees with you. The school issue passed I was not personally responsible for it I was one of 1,827 people who felt it would be good for the community. Now if you want to continue to try to shame me or make me angry go ahead, it will serve no purpose.

    However there probably is a good chance that if you actually put some energy into trying to do something about the water rate increase by proposing some kind of discount program for senior citizens that you could get support from at least a couple city council members.

    If not then go ahead call me another name or attack my intelligence. There was no sarcasm in my original post that a program like this should be investigated.

    Just for the record I do understand what you have been saying all along I just don't agree with you.

  • Doc54 (bwoods54),

    I never ceases to amaze me on how really ignorant you are.

    The buildings are not going to give us the education our children need.  Tool, technology, materials and supplies, reduction of the teaching staff.  That is what is going to educate the children.  That is what we should be and should have invested in.

    We did not need the bond to build a new high school, just the money that state was going to give us.  You assisted in getting a bond passed that is going to cause a great burden on families and Seniors.

    It will be a few years before everyone realizes the mistake that has been made and that is most likely you don't want anyone to know your real name for the reality of it, you would not be safe in this town.

    Go drink some more of the kool aid the board is giving you.

    One day you will figure out or gain the intelligence to understand what I have been saying all along.

    Martin Fleming

  • Perhaps you could speak at a city council meeting about this subject, or talk with some of the City Council members

  • Mr. Fleming,

    I do not know Mrs. Trimmer but I do understand and sympathize with anyone on a limited/fixed income. That does not change my opinion of the importance of the Schools to the community as a whole.

    Now if you would like to do something for the senior’s maybe you could speak with Mrs. Trimmer and some of the other affected seniors and organize a petition to have the City of Streetsboro actually create a discount program for them.

  • doc54,

    So now, you change your perspective.  You didn't worry about the Seniors with the school levy, you just shoved them out of your mind.  But now, you are offereing them suggestions.  There are over 2000 Seniors in our community and you look at them as "limited number"?

    This is also another indicator that you are clueless about this community.  Ms. Trimmer does not have a computer.  She is a Senior on a extremely limited income.  She will never see your message.  I know Ms. Trimmer personally and that is how I know she does not have a computer.

    Maybe if you actually talked or knew these Seniors you wouild see how much of a burden you have placed on them with this school levy.

    I know you'll sleep comfortably.  You don't have compassion or a conscience  on what you have done to many families and Seniors in this community.

    Martin Fleming

  • Mrs. Trimmer,

    You may be on to something here that Mr. Claypoole and some of the other city council members could actually do something about. It is entirely possible that the City of Streetsboro could set up some kind of discount for senior citizens similar to the Homestead exemption that is granted for property taxes. Might I suggest that you and any other qualifying seniors begin to lobby with the city council about creating a program like this, it would certainly be helpful to the seniors on a fixed income and because we are talking about a limited number of individuals the impact on total dollars received by the city should be able to be absorbed.