Dreaming Out Loud: Enjoying Christmas as a parent for the first time


Christmas welcomed a new element this year.

A 9-month-old Godzilla, also known as my son, has arrived to keep the holiday (and every other day of the year) much more exciting.

When my wife Nicole and I moved into our house in 2010, we got a big 10-foot Christmas tree to put up. Not this year though, as Andrew Jr. is fully mobile and loves more than anything to knock things over.

This may be due to months of me stacking blocks and encouraging him to knock them over, but still.

We borrowed my dad's three-and-a-half-foot tree, put it on a table and mostly limited ornaments to the soft kind. So when Andrew pulls them off -- it has only happened a dozen or so times -- the compulsion to eat the newly-found object didn't involve chewing on sharp metal objects.

This is not to say our little monster hasn't caused some casualties. We had some Christmas pictures done, and sure enough the second we left him near their Christmas tree, he quickly walked over, yanked off an ornament and tore off the hook.

Leaving his mark already.

All and all though, he has been his usual happy, playful self. He actually smiled for his Santa photo, helped tear open his gifts, and is naturally the life of the parties.

And with lots of parents around to chase him from room to room, the holidays are almost a break for Nicole and me. If only he'd run out of steam. At this point, he's more likely to just keep running.

Finally, I'm happy to say he loved my gift. The gift all 9-month-olds love more than anything you can buy at a store.

A big box and a spoon. Or in his eyes, a chew toy and fort, or a drumstick and large drum. Gotta love toys that pull double duty.

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