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Letter: Loud ATV riders disrupt peace, farming in rural area of city

Published: April 23, 2014 12:00 AM

Nothing is more

annoying than trying to listen to TV, enjoying the sanctuary of our deck on a warm day and the view of wetlands that we are blessed to have behind our property or simply enjoying an outdoor gathering, only to have it disturbed by the constant, loud revving of ATV engines. It not only drives us inside like prisoners in our own home, but drives off wildlife we enjoy watching and destroys wildlife habitat.

Rain or shine, ATVs can be used, tearing up the ground with huge tires, and riders do not confine themselves to their own backyards.

One year, a neighboring farmer was out working sun up to sundown on his land, week after week tilling the soil, only to have a group of ATVs come in and tear it up. They would show up every evening and ride those ATV's into the night with their lights on. Dust, dirt, and the seeds he planted flew into the air as they got their kicks, depriving the farmer of any chance to harvest a crop. I tried to report this to the police, but whenever the police arrived, they took off into the woods.

ATVs are 10 times louder than a lawn mower. There is no comparison between the two. Closed windows do not stop or block their loud sound. Trying to sleep on a hot summer day with windows closed due to this noise is unbearable.

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My husband and I moved to Streetsboro to enjoy the rural area and the gift of peace it offers. If we wanted to listen to the sound of loud engines all day and all night, we would have bought a trailer and parked it on the side of the road on Interstate 480 or next to a race track.

Christine Gallo,


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