Letter: New college parents should lean on one another for support


As the summer

draws to an end, for some parents, preparing sons and

daughters for a college dorm life can be a stressful time. Even though many parents are proud of their child's accomplishments, it is sometimes difficult to let go and allow the adolescent to transition to adulthood. Frequently, parents worry about their child's ability to adjust and, yes, even their safety. Often, parents' lives have revolved around their child's activities, and it is challenging to envision how a new life is going to be. This was my experience a year ago. Luckily, I became acquainted with a small group of Streetsboro band parents of college-bound students. We set up several times to meet at a local Streetsboro restaurant, and the interaction proved very rewarding. I quickly became aware that I was not alone in my fears related to the upcoming college experience. These gatherings create a safe environment for parents to share concerns comfortably, and get suggestions about how to manage this life-changing event. I encourage new college parents to try to lean on each other as a resource and support. It brings about a strong close bond.

Angela Clay,


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