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Our view: Traffic signal change in Streetsboro shows initiative

Published: August 6, 2014 12:00 AM

It's often tempting to take the easy path or maintain the status quo, to continue with the familiar way of doing things.

The city of Streetsboro, to its credit, recently took the more difficult path of initiating change, switching eight traffic signals in town to flashing lights between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

This decision might have opened City Council and the administration up for criticism. It is, after all, a pretty significant change in traffic patterns. The easy thing would have been to leave the traffic signals at five Route 14 intersections, one Route 43 intersection and a Route 303 intersection as fully functioning traffic signals overnight, as they've been for years.

But the city decided not to take the easy way out, and now, second- and third-shift workers in the city won't be caught by meaningless red lights in the wee hours, staring at empty roads as they wait to get home or to work.

While this was done at Council's request, the administration wisely took the time seek input from the city's police department before changing the signals.

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We're also pleased to see no major intersections, like that of routes 14 and 43, on the list of signals that become flashers overnight.

Mayor Glenn Broska also said the intersection of Mondial Parkway/Singletary Drive light on Route 14 will remain as a fully functioning traffic signal to help slow eastbound Interstate 480 traffic as it enters the center of town. The city and police department will monitor how well the signalization change is working and make adjustments, if necessary. It certainly sounds like the city has performed its due diligence before enacting this change.

This is the kind of incremental change that doesn't feel like a milestone in the city's history, but it's the kind of "convenience" -- Broska's word -- that will make life just a bit more pleasant for residents and those who travel the city at night, the kind of change that sometimes takes initiative to enact.

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