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Kids Making a Difference: Shaheen Ghahremani

Published: November 28, 2012 4:19 PM

Shaheen Ghahremani, a sixth-grade student at Henry Defer Intermediate School has been chosen for recognition by the “Kids Making a Difference” program, sponsored by ClearVision and hosted by the Streetsboro Community PTA. 

Henry Defer Intermediate School physical education teacher Chris Skeels nominated Shaheen.

“Shaheen always demonstrates excellent sportsmanship and is always willing to lend a helping hand,” said Skeels. “Shaheen can work with any of his classmates because of his outgoing personality and ability to mediate any conflicts. He never complains about anything.” 

Skeels is not the only teacher who recognizes Shaheen is making a difference. 

In both fourth- and fifth-grade, Shaheen won the “Citizenship” award for his class. This award is given by teachers once a year to one boy and one girl who have made a positive impact in the classroom. 

Shaheen and his family have lived in Streetsboro for eight years. He and his sister, Sheyda, have two dogs, two chinchillas and two rats for whom they care. In addition to caring for pets, Shaheen has a list of chores at home including helping his father with outdoor work. His mother describes him as caring, polite, thoughtful and always thinking of others first. 

Some of Shaheen’s hobbies include playing football with his dad, playing soccer for Everest, swimming in the summer, drawing cars and army equipment and playing video games. Shaheen also has a talent for playing the violin. He was chosen to play his violin with the Cobani String Quartet as part of his music school’s Artist in Residence program. 

One way Shaheen “makes a difference” in our community is by donating his clothes and other items to friends and neighbors. He advises others to seek out ways to help, as well.

“Always do positive things,” he said. “Help the environment, be nice to people and help others.” 

The Streetsboro Community PTA thanks Clear Vision Center of Streetsboro for sponsorship of this program and for their generous donation to the PTA each month. The proceeds of their donation will assist the children of the Streetsboro City Schools.


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